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Gay and Lesbian Weddings in Spain

Many gay and lesbian couples from all around the globe are choosing to have their dream wedding in Spain. At Perfect Spanish Weddings we have created a special portfolio of gorgeous and romantic venues that are perfect to celebrate your love for each other in front of your family and friends.



In 2005 Spain became the third European Country to recognise gay and lesbian marriages for Spanish residents. For couples that are non Spanish residents, a romantic and personalized commitment ceremony is a fantastic way to show your enduring love.

For medium-sized groups we have pretty boutique hotels or Mediterranean villas surrounded by fabulous views which can be for your exclusive use and for bigger parties we have a huge variety of larger hotel venues located close to the beach or surrounded by tropical gardens.

All of the suppliers and ministers we work with have been hand-picked for their high-quality service standards and gay-friendly attitude.

To find out more about our portfolio of gay wedding locations or to discuss your plans in more detail, please Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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